About the conference

  • How is the 5G network being developed around the world?
  • Where does the process take place seamlessly, and where is it delayed?
  • How secure can the 5G network become? Why is Open RAN the model of the future?
  • Is the telecommunications market ready for the upcoming change?
  • Finally, how could the 5G development decision-makers be persuaded to implement the open network model?

These are some of the questions to be answered by ICT companies’ experts from around the world during discussion panels and lectures hosted at the international „5G Made Together – creating future with open ecosystems” conference.
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Conference in numbers

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The debate and presentations about each part of the value chain: security, virtualisation, OSS/BSS, chipsets and radio units. Additionally MNO, VC and regulators perspective

0 Speakers

Top figures from companies leading the telecommunication revolution. It includes HPE, IBM, CableFree, VMware, Comarch, Tambora and more. Please check the agenda for the full information.

0 Debate

Meet top experts in the Open RAN area and check what they think about the networks of the future. They will share perspectives of such companies like: Deutsche Telekom, IBM, Marvell, VMware and IS-Wireless.

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Speakers at 5G Made Together Conference


  1. Opening
  2. Cyber security aspects in Open RAN – The Chancellery of the Prime Minister of PolandRobert Kośla, Director of Department of Cybersecurity

  3. Debate


    1. Franz Seiser, Vice President, Access Disaggregation, Deutsche Telekom
    2. Zygmunt A. Lozinski, Senior Technical Staff Member, Master Inventor, Quantum Ambassador, IBM
    3. Lorcan Burke, Director RAN, VMware
    4. Sławomir Pietrzyk, CEO, IS-Wireless

    Moderator: Petar Popovski, Aalborg University in Denmark

  4. Conference
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    Open RAN Wave 2 – IS-Wireless – Artur Chmielewski, Senior Sales Executive

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    Open Networks & Vendor Diversification in the UK – Ofcom – Simon Burley, Principal, Emerging Technology

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    Accelerating OpenRAN ecosystem – VMware – Michael McGroarty, Open vRAN Business  Development Manager

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    Radio heads ready for OpenRAN – Cablefree – Stephen Patrick, CEO

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    OpenRAN ready servers – Hewlett Packard Enterprise – Gerasimos Klaoudatos, 5G Go-To-Market Incubation

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    Building next generation edge – Tambora Systems – Anand Uppili, CEO

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    Telco Cloud – The importance of a horizontal platform – IBM – Zygmunt A. Lozinski, Senior Technical Staff Member, Master Inventor, Quantum Ambassador

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    Digitalising Industry: 5G Network orchestration with O-RAN and Edge Computing for industry verticals – Comarch – Łukasz Mendyk, Senior Solution Manager

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    The role of chipset in open ecosystems – Marvell – John Schimpf, Senior Director, Product Marketing

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    Telecommunication of the future – the VC perspective – Bitspiration Booster – Wojciech Burkot, CEO

  15. Closing remarks